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Regulatory compliance in the third party payment processing industry is key to providing a safe and sound environment for merchants, banks serving the industry and the financial food chain of our economy.  CARAT focuses on educating member third party payment organizations on what is required to operate within the regulatory framework of the banks within the United States as well as all of the peripheral governing entities such as FINCEN, FINTRAC, FFEIC, the Federal Trade Commission, NACHA and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  In addition, CARAT is actively working with each of these entities to create an annual audit and compliance certification program for the third party payment processor.

Ongoing regulation and compliance with regulation is key to sustaining strength in our processing environment.  Without regulation and a cohesive voice to how we are related our industry will suffer at the hands of those who are less than knowledgeable and potentially less than ethical.

CARAT seeks to provide a standard of ethics which includes adhering to established regulation as well as providing necessary guidance on the future of how our industry will be regulated, managed and controlled.

Members of CARAT ban together to provide a united front to the regulators on how our industry can and will continue being a safe and sound part of this nations economy.


“We all must ban together, become compliant and guide how we are regulated so we can all prosper.”

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