CARAT Compliance and Regulatory Association for Third Parties P.O. Box 402 Smithville, Missouri 64089 816.301.1424
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Industry collaboration leads to success for everyone!

CARAT was formed to provide the third party payment processor, their merchants and bank partners with an overall assurance that the third party is operating in a safe and sound fashion. There will continue to be a need for solid, ethical third party payement processors and CARAT’s role is to be a liaison between members and associated regulatory bodies. In order to be a good liaison the organization also provides ongoing education and audit or compliance services. The key to the success of the third party payment processing industry as a whole is to provide the industry with a cohesive voice to regulators while eliminating those who do not want wish to comply.


CARAT’s overall goals for our members are:

                    *Regulatory Support

                    *Ongoing Education


                    *Industry Credibility

                    *Banking and Processing Stability


Those who benefit from membership in CARAT are thrid party payment processors, the MSB and ISO’s.  Complimentary membership is provided to law enforcement and members of various regulatory bodies.


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