CARAT Compliance and Regulatory Association for Third Parties P.O. Box 402 Smithville, Missouri 64089 816.301.1424


CARAT offers membership levels to meet the various needs of those involved in the payment processing industry.  Complimentary membership is provided to law enforcement, regulators and other governing organizations.  Regardless of your membership level, the benefits of membership are vast.  They include ongoing education, the ability to influence the future of the industry, gaining a voice as to the regulation of the industry and lending credibility to yourself and company by reflecting the CARAT logo as a member.


Individual Member  $575 annually

This level of membership is reserved for the independent ISO,  sales representative or money service business.  Members in this class receive the same benefits of membership as our Organziational members, with one exception members in this calls do not receive an automatic membership into Epcor.


Organizational Member  $1,175 annually

This class of membership is reserved for third party payment processors, vendors serving the membership and system providers.   This class of membership includes annual membership to EPCOR and membership access to all of the EPCOR programs as well as the CARAT sponsored programs.


**Complimentary membership is provided to members of law enforcement, regulators and government entities.**

Sign and submit your application to begin your part in shaping the future of our industry.  Contact for your application or additional information.

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