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Code of Conduct

CARAT is a not-for -profit professional trade association responsible for providing Member Third Party Payment Processors with education, support, industry leadership and a Code of Ethics. The CARAT Code of Ethics ensures all activities that impact banks, consumers, business and payment processing are conducted with the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, fairness and confidentiality.

The CARAT Code of Ethics should serve as both a Code of Conduct for employees and Code of Practice for our member Third Party Processors.   The Code of Ethics identifies the standards of behavior expected of members of CARAT.

As a condition of membership in CARAT you have committed yourself and your organization to the following Code of Ethics:  Members will

  1. Adhere to the intent as well as the letter of all applicable laws and regulations, including banking, privacy, FTC, CFPB. FINCEN and any other relevant laws;
  2. Practice the following Standards of Conduct and Practice between yourself and other members, employees, vendors, the banking industry and the consumer to insure faith and confidence in the processing and banking industry.Honesty in all dealings.Accountability to customers and financial institutions

    Confidentiality of all customer information

  3. Integrity in business dealing
  4. Prominently display on all contracts, Web sites, and marketing information the name of the Member and how to contact a principal of Member.
  5. Only display the CARAT symbol when in good standing with the Association.
  6. Comply with CARAT policies and procedures;
  7. Work together to promote efficiency, reliability and security of the payments processing industry;
  8. Encourage ongoing training, education and professional development of member and member employees

As a condition of membership in CARAT you must agree to be bound by the Code of Ethics. Membership will only be active after CARAT receives this signed Code of Ethics as well as completed membership application and remittance of associated fee. CARAT reserves the right to enforce these Codes of Ethics by any one of the following depending on the circumstance and facts surrounding a breach of these Codes of Ethics:  Disassociation and cancelation of Membership; private censorship, public censorship, suspension of Membership.






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Prior to becoming a member of CARAT you must complete and sign and agree to be bound by the Code of Conduct, you can do so by printing and returning this page.